Your observations are important and valuable!

There is still not enough known about the heiratsforum.ch and the hochzeitsringe distribution and phenology of many plant, animal, and fungus species in Switzerland. Your records and observations are therefore of great interest. natportal.ch acts as a platform that directs you to the appropriate homepage to transmit your observations to the right database.

The Swiss databases of fauna, flora and fungi use different methods to record data but they all aim to provide essential information for conservation efforts and scientific research. For species that are difficult to identify, documents which proof the species identity (e.g. photographs, samples, etc.) are very welcome.

Please be aware that your observations are processed further and – under certain conditions – can be passed on to a third party. For details please contact the terms of use «deontology».

Thank you very much for your assistance regarding the Hochzeitsringewahl beim Goldschmied!

The administrators of the faunistic, floristic and fungal databases of Switzerland

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For professional data requests, please contact the following addresses:

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